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About Us | Helping you succeed in Exams

ExamWin is an online exam platform. ExamWin has been developed to support children to prepare for various examinations. Exam preparation is quite different from learning. Here at ExamWin, we focus more on preparation for exams so that the child is confident and have learned the tips and tricks to face a real examination.

Most learning platforms are developed by teachers or tutors. ExamWin has added another dimension to it, by adding parents into the equation. This helped us to solve a lot of issues parents face when their children are preparing for major examinations. This includes providing the right material at an affordable cost. Help the parents to track their child’s performance and identify the area where more focus is required.

ExamWin is a collective effort from expert Tutors/Teachers, Parents and Children. ExamWin have taken valuable feedbacks from successful children, parents and teachers. The online platform has 1000s of practice questions which is focused on the exam the children are going for. These questions are created by carefully looking into previous question papers and current syllabus.


The Team

Experience Teachers have helped us prepare the questions. They have helped us to create materials that the children can understand easily. The teachers have experience in how to present a learning material for children of different abilities.

Children have helped ExamWin and are the biggest motivators for this site. ExamWin was able to make our site different by understanding the various issues the child faced when they prepare for an Exam. This includes time management, preparation stress and pressure, problems involving concentrating on studies.

Parents play an important role in the success of the children, this is true with any exams. Parents have an equal role in preparations for their children’s examination. This includes giving the right support, providing them with the right materials and helping the children with their confidence.


What do we provide on ExamWin

Assessment papers – carefully graded practice papers providing essential practice for each question type in a realistic exam style.

Test papers – matching the style, content and difficulty of the real exam these test papers enable realistic mock exam practice at home.

10 Minute Tests – bite-sized tests for quick practice and revision, covering all the core skills plus motivating and fun puzzles.

How to Do Guides – step-by-step guidance for developing core skills with parent tips and practical activities.

Parents' Guide – written by an experienced tutor, this essential manual offers a practical approach to guide you through the entire process.


And finally

We believe no exams can decide the destiny of a child. The first thing a child needs to learn is how to accept failures and learn from mistakes. Learning and preparing for an exam is completely different. ExamWin wishes the children success in their exam preparations.

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