How to register and setup ExamWin?
Step 1: Go to Click “Create Account” Or “Get Started”
Step 2: Register with email id and select option as Student
Step 3: You will get confirmation mail to your mail account with “Click here to activate your account”
Step 4: Activate and login to
Step 5: Go to setting
Step 6: Select whatever class you want to learn.
To select CBSE CLASS 7 and update .
Step 7: After update account settings home screen will show quizzes and courses. Go to Dashboard.
Step 8: Go to Quizzes Click on Quizzes.
Step 9: Select exam to attend and click 3 dots.
Step 10: Click “Take Exam”.
Step 11: Accept terms and conditions and scroll down bottom you will get “ST RT EX M” Button Click
start exam button.
Step 12 : Click Start Exam Button.
Step 13: After attend all the questions click finish button you will get the result.
Step 14: To check results click View Key button.